Boise tops a national “best of” list! (again)


Wondering where you should move if you are a first time home buyer? Boise, of course! Once again, Boise’s housing market has topped a nationwide list.

Read on to find out WHY you may want to pack up & head for Boise:

The “IT” Color of 2013

All hail, EMERALD green is Pantone’s 2013 color of the year! I must admit, I’m a bit over excited about this selection. I see it as a homage to my Irish roots and its one of those colors that looks great on almost everyone. Alright, before you rush out to fill your closet with the green stunner, think about your home! Green is a color of vitality, nature and health. Who doesn’t want to add that to their home in the new year? Here are some quick ways to incorporate the color of 2013!


Option 1-Drapes! They are elegant & super simple to replace when emerald is replaced by cobalt (just a stab in the dark on the 2014 color) Option 2- A fun DIY project! Find an old dresser at an antique or second-hand shop, paint & distress! Option 3- Perhaps my favorite: paint an accent wall…emerald! Its very regal, but also nautical and what a pop! Option 4-Not ready for a big statement? Find a fabric you like with emerald and make a pillow cover.  Happy decorating! -KO

PS-My friend Thom is all about Benjamin Moore’s color of the year & its NOT emerald…take a look:!_The_Color_of_2013_is_Here!.htm

Selling after Baby

With all the BUZZ surrounding the royal baby’s arrival I started thinking about nurseries. Every new mom gets excited at the thought of creating a little oasis for their bundle of joy, BUT if you are thinking of moving anytime soon, consider what I’m about to say. I can’t tell you the number of buyers who are turned off by paint. Yes, its an easy fix, but some just can’t get by what they are seeing. So before you start planning the perfect little room, THINK NEUTRAL. You will thank yourself later. Need some inspiration? Check out these great ideas I found online. Happy planning! -KO


 Take note of these details: 1.) If you removed the furniture you would never know its a baby’s room. 2.) Colorful curtains. If you are a mom that wants your little one embraced by color, this is a simple way of adding it (and taking it away when selling). 3.) Wallpaper one wall! Keeping it subtle makes it interesting & again adds a pop of color if that is what you are going for.